Waterproof Labels
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Waterproof Labels


If you need waterproof labels or labels suitable for outdoor weather conditions, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of waterproof stickers designed to withstand such challenging conditions. Our products are designed to be used in washrooms, swimming pool areas, kitchens etc, in fact anywhere where liquid is present. These labels can be wiped dry and the print will stay intact with no smearing or smudging. To ensure the labels are waterproof and/or weather proof, we print onto synthetic substrates, such as vinyl or polyester and then overlaminate them with a clear and robust protective coating.


Waterproof labels can be printed in one or multiple spot (solid) colours, or in full colour process, known as CMYK. Company logos, barcodes and serial numbers can also be included, if desired. Whether you require waterproof stickers for use inside or out, you can be confident that our labels will be manufactured to the highest quality and produced for you within quick turnaround times, affordably.

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