Frequently Asked Questions About Labels

Highlighted below are some of the commonly asked questions we get asked by our clients. However, if you cannot find the answer to your question, please call our sales team on 01293 551520, alternatively, you can e-mail with any queries and we will be more than happy to assist.

Is there a minimum label run?

No - but our minimum label charge is £25.00 which normally means a run of at least 100 labels (depending on the material specification). Most of our label runs are between 100 and 200,000

What is your normal delivery time?

From receipt of your artwork or your order for artwork and label run, we need approximately 3 to 5 working days. We can rush jobs through when specifically requested.

How do you despatch labels?

We use a next day carrier such as UPS.

I need a special size, will it cost a lot extra?

We already have approximately 3,000 label cutters in stock in a variety of shapes and sizes - so we are likely to have a cutter that meets your requirements in stock. A cutter made to your specific size will cost in the range of £25 to £35 pounds (for square labels, rectangular labels and circular labels).

Can you supply radiant paper (fluorescent paper)?


Can you produce car stickers for rear windows?

Yes we can - either in the form of a self cling label or a permanent or removable adhesive label.

Can you produce clear labels?

Yes, in either a matt or a gloss finish.

Can you overprint my existing labels?

Possibly - our print presses do have a re-register facility.

Can you supply labels to overstick an out-of-date address or phone number?

We can manufacture labels to completely block out any text.

I need under-surface printed labels - can you do this?

Yes, we call it overlamination.

I need a perforation between each label - can you do that?

Labels can be perforated when required although most users are happy to simply peel labels off the reel.

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