Security Marking

Looking to permanently mark your valuable equipment? Our unique visual security marking system enables you to securely mark your assets, such as computers, furniture and valuable items cost-effectively. Using a specially formulated compond in conjunction with our stencils, equipment can be security marked with your company's name and/or postcode, which cannot be removed without causing damage, thus making it difficult to resell - a great theft deterrant! Recent studies have also reported assets which are clearly marked, are 92% less likely to fall victim to having their equipment stolen. It's always good practice anyway to ensure assets, especially high value items are clearly marked, as recommended by the Police and insurance companies too. Clearly displaying a visual mark on the equipment enables the authorties to identify stolen goods, and return them to their rightful owner.

How does the security marking system actually work?

A stencil, which usually contains a company name and/or postcode with the lettering removed, is carefully positioned on the item ready to be marked. A tube containing a specially formulated compound is painted on top of the stencil

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